Our Virtual Workplaces make hybrid working fun, engaging and seamless

Create a Virtual Workplace that’s a true representation of your brand and company culture.

Hybrid is here to stay. It’s time to make sure everyone has the same experience regardless of location. 

Problems you told us about:

  • Meetings where people are in multiple locations are still challenging

  • Zoom fatigue has taken hold. Virtual meetings aren’t as productive as they once were and it’s affecting team cohesion

  • You have invested in your physical office to create a positive experience, a place where people want to be. Now your teams are working in a hybrid way, it’s no longer having the same impact

  • Maintaining a positive company culture can be difficult when teams are working remotely

  • Teams are becoming disconnected and silos are forming

  • Employee wellness is challenging now hybrid work is in full force, most initiatives were exclusively office-based

  • You want all communications with your community to always be on-brand

  • You are using more platforms than ever and it’s hard to keep track of what’s kept where

What we created:

  • A Virtual Workplace that brings your workforce together, no matter where they are based, that doesn't need a VR headset!

  • Fully customisable avatars can be created as a digital representation of you

  • A 3D immersive experience packed with features to cultivate team cohesion, like minigames, wellness areas and even the ability to order a takeaway. It’s a space where people want to spend their time

  • A platform that encourages a positive company culture and a good work environment for hybrid and remote teams

  • Dedicated employee wellbeing areas and activities. Access on-demand exercise classes or guided meditations all within the 3D workplace

  • A Virtual Workplace that allows for some separation between work and home. Employees can have the experience of walking into and out of the virtual office each day. The current lack of separation is a widely documented challenge of homeworking

  • The chance to bring teams together in an engaging and highly energised, impactful way

  • A fully bespoke and customisable platform to create an on-brand experience, whether it be for employees, pitches or training courses

  • Bespoke, white-label PaaS software that incorporates third-party platforms all in one place. Integrate Slack, Teams, YouTube, Dropbox and more!

  • A scalable platform that can be built upon and developed in line with your organisation’s changing needs

The PixelMax solution

  • Spontaneous ‘in world’ voice chat and text chat

  • Wellbeing spaces where on-demand content like exercise classes or meditations can be accessed

  • Live status tracking - never be unsure where a colleague is or their availability again

  • Create energy and cultivate a positive culture with minigames and leaderboards

  • Add third-party integrations to deliver a true unified communications solution, including Microsoft Teams, Slack and Dropbox

  • Order merchandise and books in the 3D world and have it delivered to your location

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