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Create the ultimate metaverse training environment and bring even the most complex topics to life in easy to understand ways

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Create the ultimate metaverse training environment and bring even the most complex topics to life in easy to understand ways

Our immersive worlds create engaging learning experiences that are impactful and distraction-free.

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Deliver training in a way that sets you apart from the competition or provide group training experiences that could be difficult, dangerous or too costly to undertake in the real world

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Challenges you told us about

  • Training in person is costly, logistically challenging and can be time inefficient

  • Since the pandemic, people are less willing to travel; it’s harder to train effectively

  • 2D Virtual training platforms are functional but it is easy for participants to become disengaged due to a lack of interactivity, meaning training can lose impact

  • It’s very difficult to learn about complex topics or deliver hands-on training over video conferencing

  • Remote training can feel lonely, you want trainees to feel like they are part of a community

  • 3D experiences look amazing but you wouldn’t know where to start

  • It is harder to form connections as a trainer with trainees over video

  • It is hard to know how well remote training is understood

  • Fun activities and breakouts are important. This is lost in a remote environment

  • Skills fade can occur quickly with virtual learning, providing course materials and slide decks for trainees to refer back to isn’t always sufficient

What we created

  • A high-fidelity 3D immersive experience packed with features to promote educational materials, videos, images, course information and gamification that allows training to be delivered remotely without losing impact

  • The ability to use augmented reality and simulations to really aid the learning experience and bring complex topics to life

  • A virtual environment that brings your community together, no matter where they are based, that doesn't need a VR headset!

  • Avatar to avatar interactions, so trainees won’t feel lonely. The presence of avatars facilitates networking and encourages spontaneous communication through bump to chat functionality via voice, video or messaging

  • A platform comfortable with creating general learning environments, such as a campus or museums and highly accurate 3D representations of real-world environments or procedures to allow training in a safe, controlled and repeatable simulation

  • Wellness and break-out areas encourage trainees to mix and mingle outside of sessions and reflect on their learning experiences.

  • Mini-games, quizzes and surveys are all features of the 3D worlds which can be tailored around the course specification to aid learning in a unique way

  • Detailed and real-time analytics to help understand what content has been accessed and how often.

  • Q&A functionality to help audience members interact with speakers directly during presentations, CPD’s or teaching sessions.

  • On-demand content which houses additional training materials and resources in a variety of formats to reduce skills fade

  • Gain real-time insights from trainees via live polls

The PixelMax Solution

  • Browser-based high-quality and fully customisable 3D worlds

  • Ability to refresh/add new content directly from the user interface

  • Live streaming and On-demand video content

  • Fully brandable

  • Surveys, polls and quizzes and test question functions

  • Scalable to thousands of trainees

  • Real-time analytics dashboard

  • Spontaneous or pre-allocated breakout and workshops

  • Fully integrated helpdesk functionality

  • Intuitive UI and easy to use navigation controls

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