A communications and collaboration platform that makes hybrid working actually work

Remote working is here. Hybrid working is here. How do you adapt to that?

Business leaders and HR departments everywhere are trying to figure out how to bring together a workforce that is everywhere.
PixelMax is creating the answers.

Problems you told us about:

  • Everyday businesses are using way too many platforms to communicate. Outlook, Slack, Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp… the list goes on. That’s because these off-the-shelf platforms haven’t been built specifically for your organisation.

  • What do  these platforms have in common? Most of them can't be branded,  so you're constantly promoting someone else's brand, whether that be internally or externally.

  • Commercially sensitive and personal data is being shared across a whole host of platforms, on servers all over the world – is this safe?

  • It's really hard to maintain a positive culture. Informal chat has gone and spontaneity is dead, people are losing their connection to their fellow employees and becoming untethered from the business and it's vision.

  • Employee wellbeing has never been more important, but in the new hybrid world it’s never been harder for employers to take positive action.

  • Footfall to stores and showrooms is at an all time low, which for many businesses has meant a significant drop in sales.

What we created:

  • A platform that incorporates all communication channels in one place. From chat to meetings to channels to file shares. Effectively communicate and collaborate in real-time all in one platform.

  • Use your branding – next time you pitch or meet a supplier don’t promote Zoom or Teams, promote and represent your business

  • PixelMax is built for you and your needs, you'll only ever need one platform that grows and evolves as and when you need new features or extra scale – from chat to full scale virtual events.

  • We brought back spontaneity and human-to-human connections with always on areas. Recreate those “watercooler” moments in a digital space. Increase engagement and encourage employees to invest more in their work.

  • There's dedicated wellbeing areas where employees can go to switch off. Deliver any well being initiative you want, from on demand yoga sessions to live guided meditations.

  • Highest security standards - we use AWS infrastructure. We don’t store any data outside of the UK and EU.

  • We’ve created virtual showrooms. A 3D virtual space, bespoke built or an off the shelf environment where you can showcase products and talk to potential customers whilst they browse.

The PixelMax solution

  • 3D intuitive interface representative of your business

  • Move your business community from third party apps to a space you own

  • Meeting spaces which you can jump into anytime for any reason

  • Secure Video, voice and text chat all in the same place

  • A 3D world that supports all your interaction needs including social chats and employee well being

  • Browser based - no downloads required

  • Screen sharing and presentation options

  • Create and host meetings of any size and any format

  • Ability to scale from off the shelf environment to a fully bespoke solution  

  • Customisable branding

  • Virtual showrooms

  • Networking features

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