Make your data actionable with Data Visualisation

Sometimes line graphs, pie charts and standard analytics software just doesn't show you anything new or actionable.

Most companies collect data, most collect so much data, they don't know what to do with it.

Big data deserves big insights and that means customer visualizations and representations. PixelMax is helping companies organise and analyse their data to drive new insight and strategic direction.

Problems you told us about:

  • Your supply chain is snagged, but the data is so complex and layered you don't know where to even look for the solution

  • Off-the-shelf analytics just aren't powerful enough for what you need to do

  • You've something really complex to communicate, but need a visual to bring it to life – especially to senior stakeholders and investors outside of your field

What we offer:

  • PixelMax will help you organise your data in a bespoke way

  • A solution that can take any number of complex inputs and produce beautifully clear, actionable outputs

  • The capability to get your point across with data representations that cross language barriers and learning curves

The PixelMax solution

  • Set-up support

  • Bespoke analytics and visualisations

  • Powerful cloud processing

  • Browser based

  • Communications scalable from 1-1 comms through to your entire company or external events

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